Boris Becker: 'Roger Federer speaks three languages while Messi...'

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Boris Becker: 'Roger Federer speaks three languages while Messi...'

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker spoke extremely high of the world No. 3 Roger Federer. In an interview the German said: "I think he is the most popular sportsman in the world. He is more popular than footballers, basketball stars.

If you speak with all the sports fans around the world, Roger will always be the No. 1. Go ask a question to Lionel Messi in German or English... Roger speaks German, French, English after the match. Who does it?" Federer spoke highly of his rival Rafael Nadal: "He is a rival and a friend.

We understand each other really well, we have a lot of respect, I think, one another. Two years ago in Prague the Laver Cup showed us even more how similar we are, but we still stay different. We can love each other but in the same time the rivalry will stay there and the respect is just enormous.

I have respect for him, his family and friends. And what he achieved is just unbelievable." Ashleigh Barty praised Federer for being able to adapt to the US Open courts: "I think they are slow, definitely. I mean, Roger is probably the best one with the best feel in the world.

He'll tell you how it is, and he's not wrong often. No, it is pretty slow. I think at night that's magnified even more. Especially when it's raining, it's heavy. All of those things are magnified a little bit more. With the roof closed, it makes it a little bit more difficult", concluded the Australian.