Roger Federer: 'If I had not become a tennis player, I would have been...'

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Roger Federer: 'If I had not become a tennis player, I would have been...'

What would Roger Federer have done if he had not become a tennis player? The Basel native said: "I always wanted to be a sportsman. Soccer or tennis. Tennis preferably, I was able to achieve that dream and I told my dad I would be back to school if it doesn't work out and then I will figure things out.

So I never really had to ask myself that question, so I have really no idea what I would have been if not a tennis player. But I was always interested in things, but sports was such a driving force for me in my life that I always put all my focus into that really."

Rogers Cup tournament director Karl Hale spoke about the Swiss: "Roger has an incredible sense from a human point of view. He is very funny, he is an easy-going guy for somebody being such a serious competitor on the court.

He loves family, he is a family man. He has probably the greatest passion for tennis and that's why he keeps playing for so long. His wife Mirka supports him in a big way." Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni criticized the development of tennis: "The game is becoming very fast.

Always more you have to hit the ball early and stronger. That's why I'd rather watch table tennis. The crowd does not complain because they do not see anything. They are not very careful about details. I'd rather watch Federer, (Richard) Gasquet, Rafa and (Novak) Djokovic's game styles who run, attack and defend, rather than others who just hit the ball hard without moving properly."