Roger Federer: 'I never thought me and Mirka would have that many kids'

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Roger Federer: 'I never thought me and Mirka would have that many kids'

Roger Federer spoke about what makes fatherhood special. The Swiss had some very sweet and nice words for it. "It's just an amazing thing", the 38-year-old recognized in an interview. "You learn a lot about yourself but it's mostly about the love you have for your children and having something so unique with your wife is a beautiful thing.

Mirka and me love every day with my kids. Four, it's been incredible. I never thought I would have that many kids by the way, but it's a lot of fun. I always wanted to have a big family at some point." Meanwhile the Chilean Nicolas Massu, a former top ten player who now coaches the Austrian Dominic Thiem, spoke in a huge way about the Basel native who he played against several times.

"We shared many junior tournaments. He is one year younger than me. I first saw him at Queen's and he was already making a difference. He was also a great person, unbelievable player, and you could see he would have been different and someone who would have marked an era.

Unbelievably, he is still playing. He faced my player Dominic Thiem in the Indian Wells final and he is still motivated. He is an example for kids." Rafael Nadal is back to practice in Manacor with his coach Carlos Moya ahead of the Mubadala World Championship in Abu Dhabi where also Novak Djokovic will play. The Belgrade native had holidays in Bali and he is now back in Monte Carlo.