Schwartzman: 'Facing Roger Federer is a reward. Rafael Nadal...'

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Schwartzman: 'Facing Roger Federer is a reward. Rafael Nadal...'

In an interview Diego Schwartzman recalled the first time he faced Roger Federer back in the 2014 French Open. The Argentinean was not a top player yet back in the day. He said: "It was the first time I was playing in a main draw of a Grand Slam, I was cracking the top 100, I was able to win the first round and as a reward I faced Federer.

I was seeing as a bad luck. That match was very useful." On his two match losses against Rafael Nadal in the 2018 Australian Open and French Open, a very honest Schwartzman confessed: "In Australia I won a set but it was a great match.

At the French Open after one set it started raining. He could have beaten me also if it did not rain. He is a great competitor, one of the best in history and I learn from him all the time." On the sacrifices he and his family made, Schwartzman added: "In Argentina, like many countries of South America, at the beginning it's not easy for any player.

The economics does not help to play in a sport where you do not play in South America almost at all. You have to travel and pay everything by yourself. It's very difficult and in my case it was no exception. Luckily I got closer to Juan Monaco who drived me and helped me.

Everything got better. I was very lucky to meet all the people who helped me and paved the way because otherwise it could have been different."