Tomas Berdych: 'After my retirement in London, Roger Federer spoke to me'

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Tomas Berdych: 'After my retirement in London, Roger Federer spoke to me'

In an interview Tomas Berdych reflected on ending his career through a ceremony at the ATP Finals in London last month. The Czech player said: "I really liked it, I played many matches in London. I had the time to remember some of my best experiences in career.

We went on boat and visited the city. After the farewell ceremony Roger Federer came to me, he chatted with me and he congratulated me. That was probably the nicest moment." Asked about some of the most special messages he received, Berdych replied: "I have not managed to read all of them get.

Barbora Strycova shared a photo where I am really young. By chance, I sent it to her six months ago. Andy Murray, who is in a pretty similar situation, he texted me even if I do not plan to come back like he did. We are very different on it."

On the decision to retire, Berdych said: "It has been on my mind for a while, and I was not fully healthy. I could not hit the ball at 100 percent. One day I woke up and I felt empty, it seemed something had left me. I was starting to lack power.

I did not have any motivation or energy. I did not deserve it for the career I had." Asked about a performance that stood out, the expert Chris Bowers said: "I have to mention a match against Roger Federer at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

I was really hit by his level of play. Also the Davis Cup semifinale in 2010 in Belgrade. Czechs were leading 2-1 and Berdych was leading one set up over Djokovic, playing a brilliant tennis. At some point Djokovic asked for a medical time out and Berdych got distracted by it."