Roger Federer could not sleep because of his children, was still happy - Czech player

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Roger Federer could not sleep because of his children, was still happy - Czech player

In an interview the Czech player Michał Przysiężny recalled some of his training sessions with Roger Federer in Dubai back in 2011. He said: "I spent a lot of time with Federer, because we trained for four hours a day, then we had launch, so it was a very good environment.

I trained with him for ten days and it was a great time. I was only playing Challengers, then when I cracked the top 100 I woke up at a hotel in Dubai and Federer suddenly called me. He asked me if I had slept well, how the breakfast was and if I was ready to train in an hour.

He came to me by car, we went to the court and we spent.m a lot of time together. He was never in a bad mood. He is definitely a happy person. He was still smiling and he was full of positive energy even when his daughters could not make him sleep."

Asked if he is satisfied with his career having been a world No. 57, Przysiężny replied: "I have had a successful career. My goal was always to crack the top 20 rankings but I ended up 57th. I had arm, ankle, back issues that year so I could have been ranked higher but I feel satisfied."

Przysiężny concluded: "I have not been playing on the professional tour for two years. I watch matches, i see how the guys play and I miss it. You do not experience those emotions all days but I am opening a tennis academy and I will work with children.

I try to make them head into the right direction both technique-wise and mentally. I think it's an interesting thing, I love kids. I want to stay in tennis, I have a lot of experience as I spent many years in several academies so the knowledge is enormous."