Roger Federer knows he can beat Novak Djokovic in Majors, says Hingis

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Roger Federer knows he can beat Novak Djokovic in Majors, says Hingis

In an interview with Metro the former Swiss player Martina Hingis spoke about whether the Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic is still influencing Roger Federer. Hingis said: "He must still think about it sometimes, I would.

Probably. No, he’s had his revenge kind of now, he still sort of knows he can maybe beat him. Sometimes that mentally helps. But I think he’s still one of the favorites, especially at Wimbledon I would say. He played so well those last three games until 40-15 up on serve.

He hit three winners on his serve and the fourth one just didn’t come." On the secret of her success, Hingis added: "A lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and winning 25 Grand Slam titles! I knew I always wanted to stay in tennis even after I retired… and now as a Mum, everything really revolves around Lia and balancing my home and work commitments.

Throughout my career, I have always helped my Mum at her academy and as the courts are not far from my house this has just naturally continued… and now she has me there three times a week! Practice makes permanent so really take care of creating good habits both on and off the court as this will have a big effect on your game."

Hingis has become the mother of a daughter and she is happily married to a doctor. We will see if one day she may be coaching on the Tour.