Grigor Dimitrov: 'Comparison with Roger Federer was fun as a kid, but now...'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'Comparison with Roger Federer was fun as a kid, but now...'

Grigor Dimitrov always draws packed crowds when he competes in the biggest stadiums. The Bulgarian player was often compared to Roger Federer. He said: "The connection is really important, it's the basics. I like competing for the people, more than anything else trying to give as much as I can for the crowd and everybody around.

For sure it was fun to hear when you are kid, not that much now." On how he started playing tennis, Dimitrov added: "It's fun because my friends ask me, What would you have done if you had not played tennis? I never thought about it.

I always thought about being a tennis player." On his love for computers, he said: "I do not have time anymore to sit in front of a computer but I have a lot of different hobbies, driving cars and many other things."

Does he watch other sports on TV? "I like the sports a lot. I am sportsman, so I love it. I try to watch all the sports, just sitting and looking, maybe a bit basketball but I do not have a lot of time for it." Diego Schwartzman spoke about the Big Three: "I enjoy them in the same way because they are the three greatest ever.

Sharing the locker room with them and playing in the same tournaments is great. Nadal is the guy who I have the closest relationship because I have been knowing him a lot off the court and I enjoy a lot competing against them."