'Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer may retire from tennis together'

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'Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer may retire from tennis together'

How and when will Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal retire from the professional tennis? Almost nobody knows, not even the players themselves, but the Rio Open Tournament Director Luiz Carvalho said: "We have put these guys at check for so many times and they always cameback.

I wish they could retire together. It would be the best end, like a historical era ending in the same time. Hopefully they think about it." Carvalho negotiates with many agents about the appearance fees players get. How has the work evolved over the last years? "It has not changed much over the past there or four years but players are becoming more professionals, they try to travel and play less so they do care more about the appearance fees.

There are several mandatory events and in 2020 when you have ATP Cup which is a large event, that guy may not play an event in February in order to take a rest. Laver Cup got introduced on the ATP calendar and it may force players to skip the first week of Asia.

I am the Chengdu Open Tournament Director and it influences our field. There are also the Olympic Games. And then there is the new Davis Cup in November which makes the season even longer." Federer cracked the list featuring the ten highest paid athletes over a year for the first time only in 2008.

The Swiss appeared on the ninth place at the time. Five years after, he got closer to the American golfer Tiger Woods who he was never able to overcome. Before Federer, Andre Agassi was the only tennis player in the mix in the beginning of the 90s.