We will ask Roger Federer to play 2020 Geneva Open, says organizer

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We will ask Roger Federer to play 2020 Geneva Open, says organizer

In an interview with Tribune de Geneve, Geneva Open Tournament Director Gerard Tsobanian spoke about the Swiss event possibly welcoming Roger Federer in 2020. "There is always a chance," said Tsobanian. "..So I will never reject this opportunity.

(I will) ask him. We (will) send a message to Tony Godsick and we remember him that the Bank Eric Sturdza Geneva Open is in a good position, just before the French Open." On Stan Wawrinka possibly buying the tournament, Tsobanian said: "I am still waiting for Stan to call me.

He has not done it. I think that was a rumour. If someone wants to buy a home or a watch, he calls the property's owner and starts speaking about the price. If there is not a follow-up, it's because the person who wants to buy was not that interested.

Stan has my phone number. When Stan speaks about the future of the tournament, does he does it because he wants to buy it or because he thinks it is on sale? I do not know. We (have) never spoken about it in person." After five years, what is the overall opinion on the Geneva Open? "A bit mixed.

From one side, we hold an event that features the top ten players every year. The tournament is a reference point on its category (ATP 250), it takes place in a great club. From the sports side, we made our job. From the other one, I think we did not manage to make the crowd, sponsors and local companies getting totally involved in our project.

We need to create more excitement." How will the Geneva Open be like in 2025? "I would like to say it will be a Grand Slam (laughter). On a more serious note, I hope the tournament will be recognized as a reference point for the place."