'Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are perfect players'

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'Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic are perfect players'

In an interview to Punto de Break last year the Italian tennis player Stefano Travaglia shared his admiration for the Spanish veteran David Ferrer. 'He has always been my idol, I see him as a hard-worker and I liked a lot how he delivered his shots, how he was fighting on a court, it made me have the desire to play', said Travaglia.

'Obviously Djokovic and Federer are perfect tennis players, but David Ferrer was a bigger motivation. He was fighting on every ball like no other player.' About Ferrer, Travaglia also added: 'Last year we trained a couple of times together, we took a photo and speaking he told me that 2018 would be his last season.

I do not exactly what tournaments he will play, I only know he will end in Madrid. Hopefully we face each other again, I would love to do it.' And if Ferrer faces Travaglia in the next year's Madrid Open first round? 'It's not easy to be in this situation, playing the last match of a player who retires...

It already happened to me this year with Benneteau in the Brest Challenger, where he retired. Seeing him in the end I thought it was not nice, it's not like winning a tournament and then you retire, it's very different.'

Who would Travaglia love to play his last match ever? 'Oh! I do not know, I would say Federer. It's difficult to say it because you do not know what new players will come and your childhood idols may have retired. It would also be strange to have an idol who was younger than me, so I would say Ferrer.'