Thomas Fabbiano recalls training sessions with Roger Federer

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Thomas Fabbiano recalls training sessions with Roger Federer

12 months ago Thomas Fabbiano was achieving one of his biggest dreams, training with Roger Federer in Dubai. The Italian player recalled his unique experience through an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA. 'It has been three-four incredible days', Fabbiano said.

'There were the best conditions to practice in, on a private court just for us. We played 11-12 sets and I did not win any of them, but all of them were close. When he wanted to win the set, he put a different charge. Humility is something that the best guys have, and his talent is definitely superb.

He is a player who has ten different opinions for every shot, he makes you fool around when you are in front of him. You really understand what all the best shots are looking at him. The good thing is that you stay always focused, you try not to miss even a ball.

I noticed he was playing particularly well for the way he was hitting the ball, and as a matter of fact, after one month he won the US Open. We are not friends and we do not go to dinner together, but when there is the opportunity his team asks me or vice-versa when we are in the same tournament.

Sometimes it's all packed for four or five days, sometimes it's free. We trained together also at the Australian Open this year and in Shanghai.'