How it's like to train with Roger Federer: Salvatore Caruso tells

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How it's like to train with Roger Federer: Salvatore Caruso tells

In an interview with SportFace, Italian tennis player Salvatore Caruso recalled his training sessions with Roger Federer in Switzerland. "That was an important experience: training for three days with Federer is something I bring in my heart," said Caruso.

"I feel lucky to have played with one of the strongest guys, probably the strongest of all time. Also because that call came in a particular moment: I was home with my parents, my family, and it was a Sunday. I was having lunch and I travelled after just two hours.

A particular thing: the last day, I had gone off the court to take some water at the bar and he hid my racket. In that occasion he showed to be an amazing person. Even for how I was welcomed and for how he thanked me to have trained with him.

I became an even bigger fan of him after that meeting." Asked about the success of his game, Caruso added: "I think that building a tennis player is not easy: I see this adventure as a mosaic, where all my camp ass a piece hoping that it goes well.

I have to thank my team: coach, fitness trainer, physioterapist and my family who supported me even in the most difficult moments." His dream: "The dream would be to do well at Wimbledon: I liked a lot playing on grass and that tournament always fascinated me. Maybe getting an important result in Grand Slams or Rome."