'Losing Wimbledon final that way for Roger Federer was absolutely bad'

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'Losing Wimbledon final that way for Roger Federer was absolutely bad'

In an interview to Tennis Magazin, the German player Philipp Kohlschreiber spoke about the epic Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. The Serb saved two match points in a row to prevail over the Swiss 13-12 in the fifth set and conquer the trophy.

"Of course I did not watch it from the first to last point but I would say I was there from half of the third set. The match had everything you wish for as a fan. It was a good advertisement for tennis, very nice to see.

I also know how Roger Federer must have felt. I was never playing a Wimbledon final but not converting match points is absolutely bad", said Kohlschreiber. Asked what makes Djokovic special, Kohlschreiber replied: "He is extremely solid.

He won three tie-breaks against Federer, he has a soft game style. Djoker doesn't make unforced errors, he returns so strong, he makes you nervous and he doesn't make you hit easy balls." Asked when he plans to retire from the professional tour, Kohlschreiber replied: "Of course, when you are 30 years old or between 30 and 31 years, you will often be asked about it.

But that's not really a problem. As long as my body lasts, I know I still play good tennis and I like this job a lot. It's a dream job. I would like to play for a few more years." On his straight-set loss to Christian Garin, he concluded: "I played a very good match.

Very happy with my performance. I think I did everything well. So, yeah, it's tough to say. I returned well. I played well. I served well. So I think I'm playing well against these guys, big-serving guys and returning well. I think I'm always a little bit better from the baseline. I moved around well. I mention it quite often that I played well, I think."