Roger Federer never understood Novak Djokovic's attitude, says insider

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Roger Federer never understood Novak Djokovic's attitude, says insider

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic always spend good words for one other, but their relationship does not seem so clear. Over the years several times Novak's father, Srdjan, criticized the Swiss player while Boris Becker said there is a false friendship between the two legends.

Now, commenting on Sky Sport, the former world No. 26 Claudio Mezzadri, who served as a Switzerland Davis Cup team captain in 1999 when the current 38-year-old Basel native made his debut, confessed: 'Federer told me that he has a particular relationship with Djokovic because he never managed to understand him.

When he tried speaking with him, besides the classic five minutes, he never really understood his attitude. Djokovic says one thing and sometimes he does the opposite. Even in Chicago, at the Laver Cup, Djokovic said he was very tired and asked to play as late as possible; then instead he wanted to head into the court straightaway.

And even in doubles, it was decided that they would play together, and Djokovic insisted on playing earlier. I am not saying there is a bad relationship, but Federer often does not succeed in understanding him in depth.' In an interview with Red Mas John Isner commented on his fatherhood and the role that his daughter covers in his life.

Isner, who got married to longtime girlfriend in December 2017, said: 'She is definitely the most important person now in my life, but I have to continue my career and when she grows I will be able to bring herself with me; my calendar will not be affected.'

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