'David Ferrer would have been No. 1 without Roger Federer, Nadal' - Andujar

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'David Ferrer would have been No. 1 without Roger Federer, Nadal' - Andujar

The Spanish player Pablo Andujar believes that Valencia's region will not have as many good players as now. Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, Andujar said: 'We are coming from a generation made up of Marat Safin, Juan Carlos (Ferrero), (David) Ferrer, Anabel (Medina).

We have Roberto (Bautista). Repeating it is very complicated. We are a region in which until 40 years ago tennis didn't exist.' Commenting on how the success can continue, Andujar added: 'It's complicated but you have schools, academies and coaches and sooner or later players will come.

Marat (Safin) is half Valencian, and Ferrero, and Ferrer, who for me and for everyone who understands of tennis is a number one as well because there were Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. In such a small region compared to the whole world, it's very complicated that it gets repeated.'

On Ferrer and Medina's retirement, Andujar said: 'They are two very great players who did a lot for the Valencian tennis, they are idols and it's a shame that they stop. They are people who will always be connected to tennis despite they are not on-court, helping all the young guys.'

Andujar believes that having more professional tournaments can help: 'We have the Villena Challenger that is very good and I am the first one that I have to be grateful for, but I believe that it's a shame that Valencia left it with the history that players have and after holding it for several years knowing how to do it well.'