Tomas Berdych recalls unbelievable moments with Roger Federer

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Tomas Berdych recalls unbelievable moments with Roger Federer

Tomas Berdych definitely enjoyed playing at the Laver Cup inaugural edition in Prague 2017, winning the trophy for Team Europe playing with Roger Federer and many other legends. Recalling that success, Berdych said: 'It was not an exhibition, but an amazing rivalry of two star-stunned stars teams.

It was one of my biggest results. I was so proud to be part of it.' Federer was happy with the win and also with the relationship the whole team members built: 'The unknown was just how were we going to get along? We get along well because we practice together and all that, but were the players really in the mood to sit through the matches and support, you know, on the couch behind Björn, or were they not going to be there? So to see that support was amazing.

All the players were, like, We're staying there, right, when you're playing? I was, like, Well, that would be the dream scenario, but of course if you kind of want to hang out in the back and stay at the hotel, you can.

There's no rule, you know. But that would be -- from the tournament organizers, that would be the dream scenario. And everybody was, like, Of course we stay there. We're a team; we support each other. That, to me, was a wonderful surprise how everybody was willing to give their last shirt to the event.

And then the support, you know, looking over and seeing Rafa going, Okay, this next point you're going to win it right now or, kind of thing, or the boys always standing up and just giving me extra energy throughout, that was unexpected, to be honest.'