Journalist shares why Roger Federer played in South America

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Journalist shares why Roger Federer played in South America
Journalist shares why Roger Federer played in South America

Roger Federer spoke to ESPN about his South American tour. The Swiss player said: "It was an unbelievable and amazing trip, each step along the way as the fans expressed their love of the sport and appreciation for the experience.

There were so many highlights, it was truly a magical adventure and a blast as well”. The journalist Tom Rinaldi was amazed by Federer's journey on the Continent. The Basel native went to Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Chile.

"Before this trip, I’d interviewed Federer dozens of times, but on this trip, in planes, locker rooms and hotel suites, and through police motorcades, my understanding of him was almost completely recast", admitted Federer.

"The reach of his fame, the reserves of his energy, the connection he has with fans – and the reservoirs of goodwill he engenders – all were unlike anything I’d ever witnessed. More than once, fans wept to see him.

At the start of the tour, we asked him why he wanted to do this, at 38 years old and after a long, exhausting season. ‘Motivation,’ was the heart of his answer. At the end of the tour, after his fourth straight night with less than four hours of sleep, having played his last two matches at altitudes above 7,000 and 9,000 feet, respectively, he was still the most energetic on his entire team. And more motivated than when he’d started”.

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