Roger Federer: 'I cried after Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic'

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Roger Federer: 'I cried after Wimbledon loss to Novak Djokovic'

Roger Federer was asked by SportWeek if he cried after his Wimbledon final loss to Novak Djokovic earlier this year. The Swiss said: “I didn’t cry on court but once alone I did it. Then went to caravanning."

“My favorite moments on court are all about Wimbledon. 2007 fifth set against Rafael Nadal, 2009 vs Andy Roddick and the first title back in 2003." On how his post-career time will look like, Federer added: “When I’m retiring I will miss traveling and feeling the pressure, being there before matches with fellow players.

I still don’t know when I’m going to retire, I swear. When I’ll get there there will be very few matches ahead." On his character, Federer added: “Everyone knows I’m an emotional guy but I’m still working to get tougher.

I often get emotional too watching sport: Basel legends, it happened when Gaudio won RG in 2004." On his four children, Federer concluded: “I wish they just play sports, no matter what. But I would love at least one of them loves tennis. They already started but it’s just a game right now."