Roger Federer speaks about his love for Italy

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Roger Federer speaks about his love for Italy

In an interview to SportWeek Roger Federer spoke about his love for Italy. The Swiss player said: “When I think about Milan I think at my first career title, I beat Ivanisevic , Kafelnikov to reach finals. I love going to shopping there.

I love Italy, I used to go to Liguria (Camogli, Punta Chiappa) when I was a kid. Now I go to Rome but I wish I could go more. I would like to go to Africa or Asia a bit more with tennis but not easy. My ideal vacation is outdoor with family as I did this summer, like to barbecue too.

I’m a family man: I’d love to love in Zurich." Asked who would push down from a tower if he had to chose between Nadal and Djokovic. He laughs then diplomatic choice: “I respect them”. Federer added: "My favourite sportsman of all time is Micheal Jordan, cannot choose Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo"

Meanwhile Fabio Fognini analyzed the weather conditions in Saudi Arabia during the Diriyah Cup: "It was cold. And it was windy. The conditions were very different compared to the training. But I am doing well and I want to improve my game.

To be honest I hate playing such big servers." On his goals, Fognini added: "Hopefully a younger player comes and helps me win the Davis Cup. It would be a big dream. I still like tennis a lot, I am happy with my life and I may put all together in a Grand Slam."