David Ferrer shares how Roger Federer made his life complicated

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David Ferrer shares how Roger Federer made his life complicated

In an interview David Ferrer revealed the Big 4 player he hated to play the most against. 'With Roger Federer. He changed the rhythm making me feel very less than him', said Ferrer, who lost to Federer 17 times on 17 matches played.

Who is his closest friend on the Tour? 'Rafa Nadal, without any doubt. A person from who you learn so much.' Asked who was the Big 4 player he felt he had more chances against, Ferrer replied: 'Andy Murray. He had more mental drops than the other three guys.'

'Novak Djokovic was always in good mood, he was always very friendly with me.' Who would Ferrer have liked to beat in a final? 'Roger Federer, without any doubt.' Ferrer didn't pick Rafael Nadal in a French Open final: 'Obviously, but it's that I could never beat Roger (laughter).

With all what he achieved, it would have been nice.' The player who made him feel more tense: 'Rafa made me nervous, especially at the beginning, he was starting always very well.' The biggest dominance he received? 'Djokovic once gave me a tremendous lesson.

It was an exhibition match but he still made me feel less than him. I think it was 6-1 6-1, something like this.' Will we see another David Ferrer? 'I think so. It will not be easy, but there are two players that I like a lot and who are different from all the guys I could practice with or see.

Then you never know because the path is a very long one, but Carlos Alcaraz and Carlos Gimenez are very good players.'