Roger Federer doesn't get preferential treatments, says Cilic

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Roger Federer doesn't get preferential treatments, says Cilic

Julien Benneteau has made comments on Roger Federer receiving favorable schedules at the Australian Open over the last two years. He's pointed towards Tennis Australia's partnership with the Laver Cup. In 2018, Marin Cilic was unhappy with the tournament schedule and the Croat spoke about it.

"It is tough to say. Roger is very popular," Cilic admitted. "Night matches are always something the tournament wants him to play. I was just not happy at the end of the tournament in Australia because they changed the rules. "They were following one way of the rules during the tournament and they had different rules for the finals with closing the roof.

They're reusing two conditions to suit up to be able to close the roof which they didn't have. So, that was the only part that didn't go well by the referee's side. I don't think they were going one way or the other, for me or for Roger.

I felt that in that part they need to be consistent." John Isner does not think the veteran guys will soon make a breakthrough and overcome Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal at the top. "I still think the old guard of Novak, Rafa and of course Roger and when Andy gets back healthy, they won't be giving up those Masters titles too easily," Isner said.

On Wimbledon tiebreak change, Isner added: "I've said this before, I am in favour of that rule. That's just me. They did consult me but they also consulted a lot of players. It makes sense they would talk to me about that. I think the resolution of 12-12 is a sensible compromise."