David Ferrer: 'I could not give myself a shot against Roger Federer'

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David Ferrer: 'I could not give myself a shot against Roger Federer'

In an interview with Punto de Break David Ferrer admitted that Roger Federer was the only player during his career who made him feel less when playing on a tennis court. Ferrer is a former world No. 3 and he ended his tennis career in May 2019 at the Mutua Madrid Open.

Apart from Federer, Ferrer felt competitive more or less against everyone. "I did not feel less to others," said the 37-year-old. "I knew that in some bad moments they were going through, I could give myself a shot.

Well, with Roger no, but with the others yes. I knew that if they were doing well and I was doing well, I would have struggled. I remember a quarter-final with Andy Murray where I was unbelievable, but I could not cope with him.

I did not have the final shot, like a big serve that can make you win free points, and it cost you a lot of fatigue. I was playing with them in the weekend, which costed me much more." Asked if people remember him of not being able to win a Grand Slam, Ferrer replied: "Well, sometimes, but it does not matter.

If I do not have it is because I could not make it, regardless if I deserved it or not. Being honest, I would not change for players who have a Grand Slam title and then they do not even have as half as my match wins. I am very happy with what I achieved, with my consistency and all my weeks as a top 10 player. All of this gave me consistent happiness and that's very difficult to achieve in tennis."