Roger Federer compares retirement time to a pregnant woman

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Roger Federer compares retirement time to a pregnant woman

Roger Federer gets drawn as a perfect person and tennis player by journalists and fans. Once, David Foster Wallace described watching playing Federer like a 'religious experience' But the 38-year-old does not want to have this perspective.

"People often try to find the new Superman: he does not need to be vulnerable, he does not need to cry. I see myself as a very normal person who can play very good tennis. I am also proud that I am liked by Swiss people the way I am because for me Switzerland is very important.

That's why the Basel tournament is one of the most important events during the year for me. I like certainly Wimbledon a lot and I enjoy myself but I do not lose the connection with my country," said Federer. The world No.

3 had many successful moments on the tennis court in the last years, including winning three Grand Slams coming back from a knee injury (2017 and 2018 Australian Open, and the 2017 Wimbledon). Some people say he should have retired previously.

"I rarely hear these things. It usually comes out when I lose and so I don't think that's too important. It will not change my love for tennis. It's my body that decides for how much time I will play. I don't have any retirement plan.

When you reach a certain age it's like there is a watch that starts counting the time. It's clear that sooner or later that time will come. It's almost like a woman. Once she is pregnant, she will give birth. It's just a matter of time," concluded Federer.