Roger Federer opens up on criticism about his earnings

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Roger Federer opens up on criticism about his earnings

From May 2018 to May 2019, as reported by Forbes, 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer earned $86 million. The Swiss has 12 endorsement contracts, and two of them are new last year as he joined forces with Uniqlo and Rimowa.

Federer sometimes gets criticized for his too many off-court commitments, although he does a lot of charity through his Foundation. "I cannot be liked by everyone," Federer admitted. "If I had no contract it would have been because I acted in a wrong way.

I do not want to always be on the spotlight, especially in Switzerland, but what can I do if the media speak about me? Criticism will always be there and sometimes it's hard to accept, but over the years I learned to go beyond, the most important thing is to always be myself.

What's written is not so important in my life." In an interview to Tiroler Tageszeitung, three-time French Open champion Thomas Muster criticized the world No. 1 Rafael Nadal for his too many strange habits on the tennis courts.

The Spaniard puts his water bottles in an exact place, touches his shorts, ears and naso on every point. "You cannot adjust everything 13 times like Rafael Nadal, you cannot watch him. It has something to do with nerves.

It's like needing to have the same car and seat in a metropolitan, otherwise, I will not put myself at work," said Muster. The Austrian respects the dominance of Big 3s, but at the same time he admitted that opponents are not so great: "There are many top 15 players who do not belong to it.

Andy Murray was injured, as well as Kei Nishikori. The quality you had there decreased." Muster also shared his criticism for social media, those force players to be too fair each other: "Nowadays you cannot tell the truth anymore, otherwise, you will be picked in the digital world.

Everything is photographed, shared on Instagram. I can't stand the digital world. Everyone gives his opinion on topics he does not know' There are rivalries in tennis only inside. But these hugs at the net, long speeches, these are ridiculous things.

If I lose, I get angry." Muster won $12.2 million career prize money and believes there is too much money at stake now: "Tennis (has) lost its soul, it's like a car without motion. It has not a soul."