'David Ferrer was great in the era of giants Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal'

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'David Ferrer was great in the era of giants Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal'

A statue of former world no. 3 David Ferrer was erected in Xabia, Spain. The Spanish player said: "I am very happy here. It's where I want to be. Living in Xabia, in my place, is a privilege. Today it's difficult not to get emotional.

Everything started here in Xabia, I remember it like if it were Yesterday. My parents were taking me to the tennis on the weekends. And everything, sports-wise, ends here. I am very proud to have left the name of my village around the world.

Being here immensely makes me happy. As much as I travel for my connection to tennis and my commitments, I will always be back to Xabia. My mind and heart are here." Xabia City Mayor said Ferrer was a giant in the era of giants, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

"He was a hero, but for us also a great, smart guy. Normal within the extraordinary. Shot by shot, ball by ball and smile by smile you gained the respect and the love from all the sports fans." The Diriyah Cup Co-Chairman Peter Michael Reichel spoke about this year's event in Saudi Arabia where Nadal and Federer did not play despite the organizers would have loved to: "We learned about how to treat the media, we had incredible success with the TV coverage. It's a learning process, it's step by step. We are already well prepared looking for the next year."