Jonas Forejtek on the ATP Finals: Roger Federer was so likeable

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Jonas Forejtek on the ATP Finals: Roger Federer was so likeable

18-year-old Czech tennis player Jonas Forejtek, who won the US Open junior singles title earlier this year, spoke about his experience at the Nitto ATP Finals. Forejtek was one of the juniors who are invited as hitting partners for the top players at the season-ending event where the Top 8 players of the year gather together for the ATP Finals crown.

Forejtek commented about his experience, “It's completely different. The facilities are unreal. It is a motivation for me to work to get to bigger events like this. Federer and Zverev were very likeable. They were very nice and polite.

We had more fun on the court while we were sitting. But otherwise, they were still with the team or together with other players. We trained with the top eight. Especially the first days were good because they practiced more together at the end of the tournament.

Sometimes we were three, sometimes I played with the player myself. It was great." The 18-year-old Czech is currently ranked No. 534 in the APT rankings and ended the season as World No. 3 in the junior rankings, after peaking at No.

1 in September. Danish junior Holger Rune was also a hitting partner for the top players in London this year. The ATP Finals was won by Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas, who beat Dominic Thiem in the finals. An interesting fact to note is that three years ago, a teenaged Tsitsipas served as a hitting partner for Thiem during the ATP Finals in 2016. If those are any indications, then Forejtek is certainly on the right track.