'Roger Federer brings unique insight' to On

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'Roger Federer brings unique insight' to On

In October, Roger Federer announced a new partnership with fellow Swiss sportswear brand ‘On’, for which he acts as an ambassador. On, which benefits of an undisclosed amount in investment from the twenty-time Grand Slam champion, was founded in 2010.

In nine years, it has established itself in more than fifty countries around the world, self-proclaiming itself the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Its partnership with Federer will help the brand to widen its horizons in tech innovation, for which it is already famous, and international expansion.

“On is attracting a fast-growing global fan community and [we think] it has joined the ranks of the leading brands in the US, Europe and Japan. Roger brings unique insight as one of the most influential and admired athletes at the top of world sports,” On co-founder, Olivier Bernhard, told Draper.

“He is not joining On for sponsorship, but entrepreneurship. He has invested a significant amount of his money in our company. Together, we are looking to create unique products and experiences for On fans around the world.

Roger is already working with us on new developments in the On lab, and if we succeed we will release those as early as next summer”. On has its eyes set on increasing its reach by “challenging the status quo and working on the next generation of running, outdoor and everyday shoes,”according to Bernhard.

Having opened a new office in Shanghai, it is targeting China as “a focus market in the future”.