Kohlschreiber shares why Roger Federer isn't a real role model for longevity

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Kohlschreiber shares why Roger Federer isn't a real role model for longevity

Speaking to Tennis Magazin Philipp Kohlschreiber was asked if Roger Federer can be considered a role model for his longevity. The German said: "Yes and no. No, because he is such an extreme athlete. With just 12 tournaments a year, he manages to be the world number three.

It doesn't work for the majority of the guys. I notice it with myself too: if I play less, it's not good. I feel I am far away from the tour and I do not have the right training partners. Then you come back on the Tour and you feel like, Wow, it plays a bit faster.

The more tournaments I play, the better I play. I can always train with the best players because I am a good training mate who is always in a good mood and brings much energy. That's something good." On how his training sessions have changed as the time went on, Kohlschreiber added: "You train in a more specific way.

In the past you needed more sessions. Now I focus on the goals we set. I became more focused as I was getting older. I may shorten the training sessions, need more treatment, but I was blessed. I am happy with how it's now. I felt the tiredness in Munich.

This summer was a bit difficult. I did not feel comfortable anymore and the results were not good. It was a strange and rare situation. It was very difficult mentally. The last weeks have not been that satisfaying." Kohlschreiber usually trains in Tenerife during the off-season. He will try to prepare as well as he can looking to 2020.