Toni Nadal snubs Roger Federer: 'Rafael could have been the greatest ever if...'

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Toni Nadal snubs Roger Federer: 'Rafael could have been the greatest ever if...'

In an interview, Toni Nadal spoke about the GOAT. Rafael's uncle said: "So far I do not think if the best ever is Federer or Rod Laver. It's really difficult to say who is the best ever. I do not like excuses and I do not want to give any.

If my grandmother had two tires, she would have been a bike. But I think if Rafael did not have so many injuries, he would probably be the best ever. He had injuries and there is nothing else to say. Anyways, let's wait until the end when everyone will have ended their career, then we can say who is the best.

But it's always difficult to tell. I do not know what stats will be considered but I think there will not be too much of a difference between Federer, Djokovic and Rafael when their careers end. Rod Laver too. Rafael could be the greatest ever if he was not injured."

In a column for ATP, the six-time Major winner Stefan Edberg spoke about what makes the ATP Finals so special and how he lived them both as a player and then as a coach of Roger Federer for two years. Edberg said: "In the 30 years since I was the champion, the Nitto ATP Finals has turned into something huge: I feel as though it’s now even more important for this modern generation.

I saw that transformation when coaching Roger Federer in 2014 and 2015 – both years, he reached the final here in London, coming close to adding to his record six titles at this end-of-year showpiece. Sitting in Roger’s corner, I had an insight into how the tournament had moved on since I was playing, and how much it means to the elite eight who qualify at the end of a long season on the ATP Tour.

On the court, or behind the scenes, I couldn’t help but notice how everything about the tournament – from the players’ lounge to the transport to the way the matches are presented – is now bigger and better than it was in the 1980s."