Now Federer, Nadal, Djokovic respect me in locker room - Cecchinato

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Now Federer, Nadal, Djokovic respect me in locker room - Cecchinato

For Marco Cecchinato, life changed a lot since when he reached his maiden Grand Slam semifinal at the French Open 2018. Ahead of the new season, the Italian player looks forward to new challenges. 'The beauty of tennis is that every week you can test yourself', said Cecchinato.

'And in the meantime, I enjoy my opponents' respect. Before in the locker room, I was almost non-existing, now Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and all the top players say hi to me.' Cecchinato also spoke about the importance of his mentality: 'You need unawareness and especially courage.

I have been hitting the drop shot since when I was a kid, but I am unpredictable only on court: off-court I am ordinated. My love story with Gaia, who is nine years older than me, made me further mature. And not by chance, everything started in Budapest when I won my first title.

However, I'd better behave better: I know that it's not nice to see me shooting and breaking rackets. I already promised that when I will become a father, I will have to keep the control inside myself. Under this aspect I look for balance: if I stay completely silent, I play bad.

If I start getting nervous, the situation does not get any better. So I have to try to let the pressure go away without overcoming certain limits.' On his next progress, Cecchinato concluded: 'I have to improve my volleys, I cannot just go to the net to shake my opponent's hands.

This is one of my next challenges. The net is like a barrier, I am an extravagant guy and you have to earn my trust. I just have some friendships and I am okay with it. My friends appreciate my honesty and they know I have two dreams: one possible, facing Federer before he retires; the other one more complicated, playing at the St. Siro Stadium wearing FC Milan outfit.'