Marco Cecchinato: I Want to Play Roger Federer Before He Retires

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Marco Cecchinato: I Want to Play Roger Federer Before He Retires

Italian Marco Cecchinato did not have a great season in 2019 - dropping from No. 16 in February to No. 71 in the ATP singles rankings by the end of the year. But the 27-year-old Italian says he is hoping to return to form in 2020.

Speaking to, Cecchinato says, “Fortunately in the tennis world you play every week and you can always test yourself. I am happy that over the years I have gained respect: before I was non-existent, then Djokovic, Federer and Nadal they all now respect me and greet me.

Mentality? You need unconsciousness and courage when you play. I am an unpredictable person only when I am on the court, off the court, I am quite organized and my love affair with Gaia, who is nine years older than me, has made me mature.

Everything changed when I won my first title in Budapest. I know I have to do better, it is wrong to throw and destroy rackets. I promised that when I become a father, I will try to stay in control." The Italian tennis star says he is aware of what he needs to improve, both on and off the court.

“At the same time, I know that if I play totally in silence I play badly. On the improvements to make: I have to improve my attacks on the net, I can't go to the net without any precise tactics. This will be one of my next challenges, the net is like a barrier that must earn my trust.

I have two dreams, to play Federer before he retires and the other is more complicated, I would like to play at San Siro with the Milan shirt. "