What were Roger Federer's best and worst outfit of the last decade?

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What were Roger Federer's best and worst outfit of the last decade?

Roger Federer is Maestro on the court, thanks to his innate class with a racket in his hand. But he is also a Master of charme and elegance, thanks to the outfits designed for him in the last decade by Nike before and by UNIQLO after.

It cannot be a coincidence that the GQ magazine named Federer the most elegant man of the last decade. The outfits that Federer wore in the last decade have been very interesting: he wore some very beautiful, some definitely revisable.

The best, as far as I am concerned, remains what he wore at the Australian Open 2017. An extremely elegant, modern black and white outfit (with dark orange shoes), but at the same time with vintage references, signed Nike. That outfit brought him luck; Roger won his 18th Slams against Nadal in the final.

Very similar but of a different shade (acquamarine t-shirt) was the very beautiful one worn in Indian Wells and Miami always in the same year.Talking about the Australian Open, the UNIQLO outfit of the 2019 edition is also to be appreciated: white t-shirts, socks and shoes, blue shorts.

Among the best Federer's outfits, we have to add the total blue one that the Swiss wore during the 2016 grass-swing. I am also a fan of the outfit related to the US Open 2010 and the US Open 2017 (2017 was the year in which Roger perhaps wore his best outfits).

The outfits of Indian Wells and Miami 2013 and Cincinnati 2015 also remain among my favorites. Finally, the elegance of all the outfits that Federer wore at Wimbledon during his career should be highlighted, with a special mention to that of 2017, 2015 and 2012.

However, even a master of style like Federer wore some outfits that are easy to forget! The worst remains, in my opinion, the one worn at the French Open 2019. But even the yellow polo shirt of Indian Wells 2011 can easily be forgotten.

Finally, even the series of outfits worn at the US Open 2015 were not among the most beautiful worn by the Swiss Maestro. What is your favorite Federer's outfit of last decade?