Is it endurance or strategies that Roger Federer will need to get consistent wins?

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Is it endurance or strategies that Roger Federer will need to get consistent wins?

It was at the 2019 U.S. Open that Roger Federer went through to the quarterfinals against Grigor Dimitrov but came out defeated in a 5-set battle. He had grabbed the first set but Dimitrov bounced back winning the second.

The fight was on with Federer winning the third set, feeling confident that victory might be near. It wasn't and the Bulgarian won two straight sets to win the quarterfinals. Was it the strength that failed Federer or the strategy? At press conference time a media interviewer asked Roger "When did you sense that you were in trouble in this match? Federer not feeling that well about losing to Dimitrov to the 5th wasn't ideal.

I was running behind so that was tough...I tried my best, Grigor was able to put me away. I fought with what I had...that's it." Federer wasn't feeling totally exhausted at this tournament and says more so that it was the strategies that he couldn't de-escalate in Dimitrov to come out the winner.

The Swiss also had mentioned that he had a neck ailment and the trainer was brought out. It typical though was the strategy that told the tale. "He was tough at the baseline. He mixed up well and gave me all sorts of problems with the rhythm..."

the Swiss had said rather disgustingly. Dimitrov said a bit of another aspect mentioning that "For sure at the end he was not 100 percent of himself." With the years naturally a player's game has to change in accord with bodily movements and performance.

He was again seeing himself into the quarters at the Shanghai Masters with a former NextGen Alexander Zverev. This time the match went only three sets with the young German feeling the satisfaction of defeating an icon. The opponents are a big difficult to handle at times and it's either one NextGen playing another or two twenty-somethings in competition.

Is there a time when experience wins over age? For Federer, it happened at the Swiss Indoors and he was satisfied to not only win over Alex DeMinaur for the title, but in his home country too. The luck or experience didn't last at the ATP World Finals when the young Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Federer in straight sets.

Federer has learned over the years to gauge his matches in succession and duraiton. Going into another season means more situatiand players to be up against. If it's not the other iconic top 5, it's the NextGens or players in between that just want to get up in their rankings and quality of game.

While being interviewed in Hangzhou during a press conference, Alexander Zverev replied about himself maybe winning a Grand Slam title next year. He had said that maybe the old guys will win them all again but forgot that Federer was sitting next to him.

It was an embarrassing moment no less but reality is reality and when the old guys are referred to as the top 3 in the world, people will start thinking. Will experience always win out despite age? Guess it's left to see if the better person will win no matter what?