Roger Federer recalls: 'I thought a truck was going to run over me'

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Roger Federer recalls: 'I thought a truck was going to run over me'

While 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is famous for being an athlete with a great disciplined, this has not always been his case. Stories about his teenage years’s behavior—which contrast so much with the pristine image of the Swiss in the actuality that they sometimes sound offkey—remind the public that their idol is human and, as such, has had his share of panics.

“If I look back, I have not always been very rigorous or very careful,” the 38-year-old told the Tribune de Geneve. “At the beginning, I would say when I was between 16 and 22 years old, I sometimes did things beside tennis that could have caused me to injure myself irreversibly.

So I know that I have been lucky”. An example of these unruly moments involved skiing and a huge fright: “I went skiing like a crazy guy with Marc Rosset after returning from an Australian Open [2000]. I told him: ‘I'm taking this bump’ and I flew ten meters to find myself a hundred meters lower...

Marc laughed then he was very scared”. This incident has taught Federer to become more prudent. He has grown into the praised athlete he now is because he has learnt precious lessons from his experiences. “I fell on my bike several times,” Roger Federer added.

“Once in Ecublens, once in Basel where I thought a truck was going to run over me. There have been times like this. So I know things could have turned out in a whole different way”.