Actor Emilio Solfrizzi Challenges Roger Federer in One Man Show 'Roger'

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Actor Emilio Solfrizzi Challenges Roger Federer in One Man Show 'Roger'

Popular actor Emilio Solfrizzi will be the leading actor in a one-man show called Roger which will be held at the ABC Theather in Catania, according to Catania Today. The show is written and directed by Umberto Marino and will be staged on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 January and will then be repeated from 17 to 19 January.

In the show, the action takes place entirely on a tennis court and represents an imaginary match between a generic number two and unbeatable No. 1 of all time - a champion named Roger (explicit reference to the Swiss champion, Roger Federer).

Solfrizzi commented, “I have always been on the side of numbers two. All of us are, in the logic of life we ​​don't have a name. Roger is not an opponent to beat but only one to confront. The show wants to be a comparison with the impossible, the attempt to find meaning in life despite being a number two.

A number two that fights and sweats to make it, tries to overcome its limits, measures itself with a model bigger than him and unattainable." Author Umberto Marino commented, “As we put the text on stage together with Emilio Solfrizzi, we realized that we could raise the stakes of our bet by aiming for a representation completely entrusted to the centrality of the word and the actor.

I remembered the "cuntastorie", an archaic form of total Sicilian actor of which Pitré tells, a street actor with three benches for the public and two swords, the only props to tell and represent the entire story to his audience.

So, strengthened by the interpreter I had, I began to remove and simplify, until only the few white lines that design a tennis court and two chairs remained on the scene, those on which the tennis players rest "