Roger Federer gives advice to future Swiss star: “Don’t make the enemy aware”

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Roger Federer gives advice to future Swiss star: “Don’t make the enemy aware”

Roger Federer inspired the Swiss youngsters that trained with him in Dubai and even offered them precious advice for their future career. The three juniors from Switzerland — Jérôme Kym, Dominic Stricker and Leandro Riedi — have made a precious stop during their way to the Australian Open Grand Slam, where they will aim for the juniors title.

The young talents responded to a call made by Federer’s long-term coach Severin Luthi, who asked Swiss Tennis if the three players could make a stop on their way to Melbourne to train with Federer in Dubai. The boys couldn’t refuse such an offer.

Dominic Stricker, who has trained before with Roger, in Basel, encouraged all young players to profit when this kind of opportunities appear in their careers. “The players don't have to ask twice. Anyone who can train with Roger should seize the opportunity [...] We had four training sessions with him.

It is important to watch him” Stricker said as quoted by Bieler Tagblatt. Also, Stricker wanted to find out how to deal with an injury in-match. Federer didn’t hesitate to respond. “Just don't let anything show, don't make the enemy aware of it”.

, Roger said. Let’s be honest now, who wouldn’t want to train with Roger Federer. Even the famous DJ and songwriter Kygo is training hard to catch some court-time with the Swiss legend. “The boys are inspired by Roger without doubt.

The conversations with him also bring a lot. The question is, what do the players take away from it” added Alessandro Greco, the head of performance at Swiss Tennis. If you want to know more about the three juniors who trained with Roger Federer in Dubai, check this article.