Roger Federer on Climate Change: The Issue Is Very Sensitive

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Roger Federer on Climate Change: The Issue Is Very Sensitive

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer has been in the centre of a storm recently as climate activists have targeted him for being the brand ambassador for Credit Suisse, which has made investments worth billions of dollars in fossil fuels.

While, the 38 year old has not made any comments in recent days about the controversy, he did make some comments to the newspaper BLICK in December which give insights into his views on the subject of climate change. Federer had spoken on climate change to BLICK when he was in Dubai last month, “For me as a good tennis player who travels a lot, the issue is very sensitive.

We live a completely abnormal life, I know that I cannot be a ‘normal’ role model in this regard. I can hardly say to everyone “Be careful”. And then fly back to Australia. At the same time, I can hardly bring all grand slams to Basel”.

When asked if he does get concerned about his frequent travel across the globe, Federer says, "Yes and No. If I choose yes, I have to end my career immediately. Mirka and I definitely try to respect environmental principles at home and when travelling and to make our children familiar with them”.

Federer is currently in Melbourne where he will be playing the Australian Open and he will be hoping to win a record 21st Grand Slam title. He currently holds the record for most number of Grand Slams won in tennis history by a male singles player with 20 Slams but he is being chased by Rafael Nadal, who has 19 Slams and Novak Djokovic, who has 16 Slams.