Climate Activists on Roger Federer's response: It's nice he doesn't avoid this issue

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Climate Activists on Roger Federer's response: It's nice he doesn't avoid this issue

After tennis legend Roger Federer issued a statement regarding his relationship with Credit Suisse and the climate change controversy, some the climate activists seem to be pleasantly surprised by his statement, according to the BLICK newspaper.

On Saturday, the 20 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer issued a statement, saying, “As the father of four young children and a fervent supporter of universal education, I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the youth climate movement, and I am grateful to young climate activists for pushing us all to examine our behaviours and act on innovative solutions.

We owe it to them and ourselves to listen. I appreciate reminders of my responsibility as a private individual, as an athlete and as an entrepreneur, and I’m committed to using this privileged position to dialogue on important issues with my sponsors”.

BLICK quotes 19 year old climate activist Andri Gigerl, "I was quite surprised by the statement. I think it's nice that he doesn't avoid the whole thing. It's really not about accusing Federer as an individual, but rather above all to demonstrate the intolerable practices of CS.

We are always very open to explain and discuss them in a conversation." Another activist, 23 year old Marie-Claire Graf commented, "A conversation with him and the CS would be important to discuss our climate demands and our demands on the banks.

He has to prove that he is really serious about his statement and openly ask Credit Suisse to phase out fossil fuels - or take the consequences and end the advertising deal." 21 year old Maya Tharian commented, "Now he really needs to talk to the CS and demand immediate withdrawal from all investments in fossil fuels, transparent financial flows and the withdrawal of the lawsuit against climate activists."

The activists are protesting Credit Suisse's multi-billion dollar investments in fossil fuels and have targeted Roger Federer as he is their brand ambassador.