Roger Federer will donate to Australia bushfire appeal


Roger Federer will donate to Australia bushfire appeal

In the last few days, Roger Federer has been accused by Greta Thunberg and activists for his role as Ambassador of Credit Suisse. The Swiss Maestro arrived in Melbourne last week for the Australian Open and will participate in the 'AO Rally for Relief', a series of exhibition matches to be played at Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday (in addition to Federer, there will be Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Nick Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka, Caroline Wozniacki, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Belinda Bencic and Alexander Zverev).

"If anyone can chip in, that's great because it's nice to show solidarity and help in a situation, which has become quite incredible in this country. We need to look for prevention in the future, that this doesn't happen to this extent again because there will always be fires as I understand.

This country is much, much too big. "I'll also be making a donation personally myself on Wednesday," said Federer during a publicity event in Melbourne. "This country has given me everything and more in the past so it's only but normal for me to help us well.

I appreciate reminders of my responsibility as a private individual, as an athlete and as an entrepreneur, and I'm committed to using this privileged position to dialogue on important issues with my sponsors." The 20-time Slam champion also spoke of his longevity: “When I was younger – 20, 22, 24 – I was already hoping that one day I could play for a long time.

So it wasn’t just decided five years ago that hopefully I’d still be playing at 38. It was probably decided a long long time ago after I won my first Australian Open here in 2004 and I got to world No 1 for the very first time. I hoped to have longevity. I worked hard for it really”.

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