Roger Federer stunned by Australian bushfires’ gravity: 'It's really, really bad'

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Roger Federer stunned by Australian bushfires’ gravity: 'It's really, really bad'

World number three Roger Federer couldn’t believe how bad was Australia’s bushfire crisis until he arrived on the continent and spoke with the affected people. Federer didn’t participate in the ATP Cup, so he spent the first part of January training and enjoying his family, mostly in Dubai.

Therefore, he couldn’t get a first-hand experience with the harsh reality that upset an entire planet. “It’s been hard to watch you know. As you see it in the news, you don’t know how bad it really is, but then you hear more about it and get the sense that it’s really, really bad.

And then you get down here and you speak to the people as well, who have been affected. It’s been difficult. You wish that this doesn’t happen in your country. In Switzerland we’re quite lucky. We don’t have this kind of extreme situations”.

Federer at the end of the Rally For Relief event. The Swiss legend played a big part in raising a grand amount 4,8 million dollars during the Rally For Relief and he wishes to see players sticking together every time a disaster like the one currently undergoing in Australia happens.

“I hope it would have been no different would it have been in a different time of the year, if Australian Open would have not been on…”, Federer said. Asked about why he decided to participate in the Rally For Relief charity event, Roger Federer let everybody know that Australia is still a great travel destination.

“What I wanted to do was to raise awareness, to raise money and tell the people to still come and travel to Australia because people around the world probably think that you cannot travel to Australia right now, so that was the idea”.

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