Roger Federer’s tour strategy works wonders for Tennys Sandgren

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Roger Federer’s tour strategy works wonders for Tennys Sandgren

After his twenties, Roger Federer’s activity on tour slowly decreased, his focus has shifted primarily to the four Grand Slams, and, as a result, we see the current world number 3 overpowering much younger opponents.

Roger’s ingenious strategy also inspired 28 years old Tennys Sandgren, whose last ‘victim’ was world number 8 Matteo Berrettini. Sandgren defeated the 23 years old Italian in five sets to advance in the third round of the Australian Open.

This performance didn’t come out of the blue, as the American has hinted the formula for his success. “It seems that if I take a few weeks off then try the best I can — play a tournament or two then play a bigger event like this — then I seem to be able to play alright”.

Sandgren said at the post-match conference. Even though the American is ten years younger than Federer, he needed pretty much resting time, especially in the last part of 2019, in order to perform at his best. “I was injured for most of the Fall.

I tore a ligament and got a stress fracture in my toe. After the US Open, I played one week in Asia and then I was done. I had five to six weeks where I didn’t have any points to defend [and could have pushed higher in the rankings] but I couldn’t play”.

Tennys confessed. Sandgren played a 5 sets thriller against Berrettini and his next opponent is Sam Querrey, who is everything but an easy assignment after such a long encounter against the Italian youngster. Luckily, Sandgren should have plenty more energy in his tank as he followed Roger Federer’s example and prepared well for the Australian Grand Slam.

“You gear your schedule to peak in these weeks. I’m getting get better at that as I get older. Maybe I’m just getting older and wiser. I take my weeks off so I can prep for these weeks”. said Tennys Sandgren.