Coco Gauff met Roger Federer after Osaka upset: “He’s that type of guy…”

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Coco Gauff met Roger Federer after Osaka upset: “He’s that type of guy…”

Both coming after big third round victories at Australian Open, Coco Gauff and Roger Federer, besides the fact they share the same management company, the two are like a father and daughter outside the court. After the 15 years old American wonder upset Naomi Osaka with 6/3 6/4, she met with Roger Federer who congratulated her on the important victory.

During the post-match conference, Gauff talked about the encouragement she got from the Swiss legend two years ago when she lost in the first round of the 2018 Juniors Australian Open. “That definitely had a big impact because I think I won French Open and I’m pretty sure French Open was my next tournament after that conversation I end(ed) up winning”.

said Gauff at the AO press conference. “He told me not to focus too much on the pressure or the outside drama. He gave me some perspective”. Gauff unveiled Roger’s encouraging words. Coco also said that, after beating Osaka, she met with Federer even before seeing her parents.

“Roger was the third person I saw after my match today. Actually, today I still haven’t seen my parents. I saw Roger first and Alessandro (marketing coach) and Tony (Godsick). He (Roger) told me ‘Congrats’.

I was like ‘Thank you!’. , you know, trying to be like calm, but in the silence I was like ‘Wow’”. Moreover, given her frequent intersections with Roger Federer, Coco Gauff expanded on his great personality.

“He’s a nice person, not just to me. I see him with other players as well. He’s that type of guy you just — no matter how many times you speak to him — kind of acknowledge his whole presence and what he’s done on the court and off the court”. said Gauff.