Simona Halep reacts to Roger Federer’s epic victory: “Millman was great!”

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Simona Halep reacts to Roger Federer’s epic victory: “Millman was great!”

Despite Rafael Nadal’s choice of staying up late to watch the match between Roger Federer and John Millman, world number 4 Simona Halep didn’t have time to watch any of the recent Australian Open action, but she obviously heard about Federer’s headline-catching triumph.

Halep was asked whether she followed the lively matches that took place before she handled Yulia Putintseva to make it into the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. “No, I didn’t watch. I was walking in the city a little bit to relax myself so when I am off the court I don’t watch tennis that much.

The TV is there, but I don’t pay attention. But I heard Federer had a great match, so Millman was great. Congrats to him!” Simona answered. Opposed to Halep’s way of spending the day was Rafael Nadal, who couldn’t miss the thriller that took place on Rod Laver Arena.

"I stayed awake to watch Roger Federer and John Millman, it was impossible to miss the match like that. It was emotional in the end and I enjoyed the battle”. Nadal said. However, Rafael Nadal should be more interested in how Roger Federer behaves on the court because they can be future opponents.

Also, if Halep decides relaxation is more important than following the heat of the tournament, this must be the best choice for her to be at the highest level when she's on the court.