Tickets for Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal Exhibtion Match Going for Double Price

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Tickets for Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal Exhibtion Match Going for Double Price

Second hand tickets for the Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal exhibition "Match in Africa" in Cape Town on Friday are selling at nearly double their original price, according to Business Insider South Africa but event organisers have warned fans not to buy resold tickets as they are against the law and may not be valid.

The organisers of the event are trying to break the record for the highest attendance in a tennis match and the approximately 48,000 tickets were sold out within 10 minutes when they went on sale a few months ago. The original cost of the tickets were between R150 to R1,950 for lower tier seating with organisers saying they had intentionally kept the prices low so that more fans could afford them.

The proceeds from all ticket sales go towards the Roger Federer Foundation, which will use the proceeds it generates to support children’s education in Africa. As per Business Insider, tickets were selling for R4,702.88 on stubhub, and from R3,000 on the upper tier tickets on while lower tier tickets were selling for R5,350.00.

The Roger Federer Foundation has advised the public against buying tickets on the second-hand market, saying, "Reselling tickets on the grey and black market is illegal and the tickets sold there are overpriced and in some cases may be fake."

This is the sixth edition of the matches held by the Roger Federer Foundation and the first to be played in Africa. This is also the first time that the 20 time Grand Slam champion will be playing in South Africa, which is the homeland of his mother.

The first edition of the Match for Africa was played in Switzerland back in 2010. The match is being held on Friday February 7th and will feature a doubles match between Federer and Bill Gates taking on Nadal and Trevor Noah, followed by the Federer vs. Nadal exhibition.