Roger Federer's GOAT paradox

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Roger Federer's GOAT paradox

Why Roger Federer can be considered the GOAT and why he cannot be considered the GOAT. Many consider the Swiss Maestro the best ever, many consider him too mentally labile, especially considering the recent defeats against Novak Djokovic and those of the past against Rafael Nadal.

In reality, Federer is a paradox. He is the tennis player who has won the most Slam titles so far (20) and who holds many other records. Record of Wimbledon titles (8), record of grass-courts titles (19), record of titles on hard-courts (71), record of ATP Finals titles (6), record of weeks in first place of the ATP ranking ( 310).

These are just some of the many records that he achieved, for example. In contrast, Federer is at a disadvantage in head-to-head with both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Nole leads 30-26, while Nadal leads 24-16. In the early part of his career, Nadal was a real nightmare for Federer.

In the past three years the Swiss defeated Nadal in the Australian Open final and, in the last 7 matches, he beat teh Spaniard on 6 occasions. With Djokovic it's all different: in the last 20 matches, Federer won only 7.

Not only, because Djokovic defeated Roger in the last 6 Slam challenges, of which four in the final (3 at Wimbledon and one at the US Open). Against Djokovic, Federer's problem seemed more emotional than physical and technical.

By now Djokovic seems to have entered Federer's mind, chronizing a virus that seems to have no cure. Against Djokovic, Federer is showing the mental lability that characterized his first challenges against Nadal. I remain of the idea that it is impossible to say rationally whether Federer is the GOAT or not. All things considered, both Roger and Rafa and Nole are on a similar level, albeit with different styles.