Roger Federer: As a boy I loved my vacations in South Africa

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Roger Federer: As a boy I loved my vacations in South Africa

Record 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is extremely looking forward to his charity match in South Africa. Federer, ranked at No. 3 in the world, will meet his old rival Rafael Nadal this Friday in Cape Town. "I'm very happy to be back in South Africa.

And I’m excited that this match is finally around the corner. I have family here and have been wanting to come back for years," Federer told reporters in Cape Town. Federer's mom was born in South Africa and the Swiss wants to play there before he ends his professional tennis career.

“This really connects all the dots – playing tennis, raising money and doing it in South Africa, which is very special to me. I’m very happy it’s here. I think it’s going to be quite emotional because I’ve been wanting to play in South Africa for years," Federer insisted.

The match is expected to bring around 50,000 spectators -- which would be the largest crowd ever recorded in a tennis match. “With The Match in Africa, the idea was not to make the tickets crazy expensive. We aimed for something that moves the masses and also possibly gives people who generally can’t afford to come to professional tennis a chance to experience it," Federer claimed.

South Africa has a special place in the heart of Federer and the Swiss regrets for not visiting the country more in the last two decades. “I loved my vacations here in South Africa as a boy. I remember them like yesterday and I wish I could have come more in the last 20 years," Federer admitted.