Roger Federer reveals what motivates him to play at 38 years old

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Roger Federer reveals what motivates him to play at 38 years old

At his 38 years of age, twenty times Grand Slam winner Roger Federer is still a dominant force in the ATP circuit and he is barely showing signs of slowing down the engines. Before the Match in Africa exhibition that took place in Cape Town, Roger revealed what fuels him to continue grinding and battling with the likes of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and all the other hungry youngsters coming from behind.

Federer revealed what motivates him at every tournament he plays in after a brunch organized by Moët & Chandon ahead of the ‘Match In Africa’ exhibition that took place in Cape Town on Friday. “Moët & Chandon, to me, is the symbol of celebration.

I always enjoy it when I’m with my friends, my team and my family. It doesn’t matter whether I win or lose – it’s just nice to celebrate with everyone when we’re together. For me, Champagne is about celebrating moments and as an athlete,” said Federer in an exclusive interview for Destiny Connect.

“There are many highs and lows, but celebrating moments of success with your team is why I continue to play”. Roger carried on. The Swiss Maestro is number three in the world, has won 20 Grand Slams and has certainly marked the history of tennis, but he has another stake nowadays.

Roger Federer is playing for his family, his friends, his fans and for the opportunity to savor every success alongside them.