Roger Federer sees the ‘mark of a true champion’ in Moet & Chandon champagne

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Roger Federer sees the ‘mark of a true champion’ in Moet & Chandon champagne

World number three Roger Federer has been a global ambassador for Moët & Chandon, one of the largest champagne producers in the world, since 2012 and therefore he decided to share the story behind this long partnership.

Before the Cape Town exhibition match against Rafael Nadal, Roger talked about how the link between him and the world-renowned champagne brand was formed. “When we began our relationship, I visited Moët & Chandon’s estate in Epernay, France.

It was a unique experience, as I learnt that Moët & Chandon and I had many common values. We both believe in excellence, in tradition and in respect, so this will always be a clear partnership. Moët & Chandon is also a house with a long tradition of philanthropy, social responsibility and sustainable development – all values I believe in strongly”.

said Federer as quoted by Destiny Connect. Moët & Chandon decided to donate all the revenues obtained during the Cape Town exhibition to Roger Federer Foundation and that triggered a response from the Swiss legend.

“This year it’s taken generosity even further, supporting the Match in Africa 6 for the benefit of my foundation. That support, to me, is the mark of a true champion”. Federer said. Stéphane Baschiera, President and CEO of Moët & Chandon, felt obliged to return the praising words that came from Federer.

“Moët & Chandon is honoured to support Roger Federer in this historic edition of ‘The Match in Africa,’ as a symbol of our shared belief that success is more precious when accompanied by unwavering generosity”. Baschiera said.