Roger Federer: "Match for Africa 6 was a unique moment of my life!"

Tennis - The Roger Federer Foundation raised $ 3.5 million

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federer: "Match for Africa 6 was a unique moment of my life!"

Match for Africa 6 was one of the most anticipated events of the beginning of 2020, with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Bill Gates and Trevor Noah as protagonists. Tickets for the event were sold in ten minutes months before the event and the challenge between Federer and Nadal marked a new crowd-record for a single tennis match, with the participation of 51,954 people.

The Roger Federer Foundation raised $ 3.5 million for the projects to support the education of African children. A great achievement, for Federer, Nadal, Gates, Noah, for the Cape Town Stadium crowd and for all the children present.

"It's true. There was a world record too. I forget it almost with everything that's been going on, so many emotions, so many incredible feelings for me. To have 51 954 people in attendance at a tennis match, I never thought I would be part of something like that, to be honest.

It's not something you dream about, and these things just all of a sudden happen." said Federer in the press conference. Bill Gates and Trevor Noah, who played the doubles with Federer and Nadal respectively were the other great protagonists of the evening, who, coming out of their comfort zones, showed a great sensitivity and a great humanity.

"I am so proud that I have my roots here in South Africa. I know it's very special on so many levels. It was a dream come true. I didn't know exactly how it was going to be, and how it was going to feel. And having my mum there, Siya there, and everybody who was on the court for the doubles, obviously I thank them a million times.

I will never stop thanking them. So, ja, that was a unique moment in my life, for sure”. Said the Swiss Maestro. Rafael Nadal also talked about the importance and beauty of the event: "it is just one of these days that you don't forget." said the Spaniard.

An unforgettable day for sports, for tennis, for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and for all those who made Match for Africa 6 possible. Video: Ashfak Mohamed

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